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Inquiries and bookings 

On BOOK SAFARI AFRICAit is free to list your tours or retreats. Visitors can contact registered organizers through our website with a message, inquiry or reservation. For every successful booking that is initiated by one of those messages, we charge 10% commission. No hidden fees



Our commission is applicable for all the successful bookings that were generated through our website, at the moment the non-refundable deposit is sent by the customer. This could include, but is not limited to, customers for whom you have received the deposit required to secure or book their place, customers that decided to book a portion or an extended stay, or who decided to book through inquiry spots for their friends and/or family, groups, etc. We will always charge the package price for the program as offered from your side to the customer, whether it is less or more than the advertised price on our website, as per our terms and conditions, regardless of the package price is initial or final. The package price is to be understood as the amount you offer to the client for the program listed on our website.

Customers can send their payments via our Bank account. The payment will be received in our account and we will release the payment to you after subtracting our commission once the deposit becomes non-refundable.


Cancellation policy

In our eyes, the purpose of a deposit is to lower the risk of the customer canceling his trip and to cover all costs that you have even when the customer cancels. Marketing costs like our commission are part of those costs. However in case there is a no-show or cancellation from customers because of unforeseen circumstances and should you refund 100% payment which has been made by the customers, we will also fully refund our commission to you. On the other hand, if you keep your full deposit, Book Safari Africa will charge commission over the deposit amount. Please be sure if your non-refundable deposit will cover your commission to Book Safari Africa if cancellation happens.

Once the customer paid the deposit via our payment system, we will send you the confirmation along with customer's contact details and payout details.


Prices and listings

We are not able to list any prices differently than those shown on your website. However, as some updates from your website might go unnoticed for a while before we detect them, make sure to always state the total package price in the initial reply to the customers.

If there is any outdated information or price in our website, you should immediately let us know via email so we are able to correct as soon as possible or edit it yourself after logging into your account.


Failure to comply with these policies and procedures can result in immediate account suspension.


We are here to help you

If you need help with creating your listings or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.


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